Monday, July 20, 2015

The desk has been keeping me busy again.

My computer monitor sat a bit too low to suit me.  But then I found an old wooden in-box file.  A solution was at hand:  I painted it and flipped it upside down, and it became just the right place for the monitor.  It also offered a bit of storage space underneath to store camera cables and such.

I discovered, though, that it just took a nudge and everything would go flying far underneath.  My clever solution needed tweaking but the space was low.  I tried several things that simply would not fit.  Then I recalled a desk sorter that I had bought solely for the sale price of $1.  Although the price had been attractive, the color was not, so I did what I usually do when something is brown or nearly brown:  I forgot all about it.  Now, it was the perfect thing!

Well, almost the perfect thing--it would still just take one nudge for it to slide far under, and then it would be even harder to extract than the random cords had been.  The little box needed a knob to help it out.  But I didn't have anything the right size.  After a mug of tea and a muddle, I came up with a knob solution composed of two glass beads and a bit of twine.

All set.  Satisfactory.  Almost.  It's still nearly brown.  I have a funny feeling there's a solution somewhere for that, too.  We'll just have to see what happens next.

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