Saturday, August 29, 2015

For those who would like to know more about Katrina's impact on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I would like to recommend this excellent news article by Geoff Pender, published in the Clarion Ledger:

".....In contrast to federal and Louisiana officials, (Mississippi Governor Haley) Barbour would be lauded for his leadership after Katrina. He also became the state’s head cheerleader, telling national media Mississippians know how to “hitch up their britches” and help themselves and their neighbors recover...."


And from Kathleen Koch (coincidentally, the sister of one of my school friends at Bay St. Louis Sr. High) on USA Today who knows the Mississippi Gulf Coast as only someone who has lived here can:

".....Validation is an important part of the healing process after any disaster. Losing everything is difficult enough. But struggling in silence while no one understands the magnitude of the destruction can make the suffering even harder to bear. Mississippians don’t want anyone’s pity. But they would appreciate acknowledgment — a pat on the back for the resurrection that the plucky region has managed to engineer......"


  1. Kathy Koch posted on Facebook that she was touched by your GoodReads review of her book and would like to know your name. You can contact her there.

    1. That's really sweet of you to relay that--thank you for letting me know. I'll be sure contact her but I can't guarantee that I was memorable from high school! I do have very nice memories of her sister and of the Koch family--really good folks.