Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Young person visiting my house, sees my pantry and says:  "You keep your food in jars?  Everyone is doing that now.  You must have studied those decorating magazines."  

Oh.  Really?  Thanks.  

But, actually, no I didn't get the idea from a magazine.  I've been doing this for 40 years!  It seemed like a fairly novel idea back then but, in fact, our grandmas were doing this back in the 1920's and earlier, undoubtedly all the way back to when the Mason jar was patented back in 1858.  

When the fad is over, I'll still be keeping my food in jars--I just won't be fashionable anymore (not that I ever aspired to be).  Trends move on but great ideas can hang around forever.  In 30 years or so, I'm sure it will turn up again as a reminder of the fashion of the 2010's.  Everything old becomes new again.

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