Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Prayer and Ice Cream

I'm kinda having an I Hate Computers day.

My PC doesn't have any audio.  Last time I got it repaired something went haywire, and now it's soundless.  Since I use it for business and email only, this isn't usually an issue.

My laptop came from a pawn shop.  It was apparently previously owned by someone sketchy, so even though I've cleaned it up and run heavy-duty maintenance I use the laptop for the sake of amusement:  reading blogs, playing games, streaming video.

The problem that I run into is taking eBay Webinars.  Obviously that's impossible with the PC having no audio, so I have to use the laptop.  Today the bigger problem is that the laptop has decided it has amnesia where the internet is concerned, and there's a Webinar scheduled for this afternoon.   

I've been trying to sort the laptop out for a couple of days and, alas, I am no nerd.    I could take the laptop to the repair place but I just don't want to have to pay for it.  I can but that would just eat up the spare cash that I'm saving for several other purposes.  Instead I'm finally resorting to a system restore and praying for the best while I watch the blue screen and the little whirly circle that is supposed to indicate progress but which only makes me dizzy as a betsy-bug and freaking out because this had better hurry up because my absolute cut-off for the Post Office run is coming up fast.

So, here I sit, surrounded by the detrius of technology.  A mute PC.  A misbehaving laptop.  And parts from several other computers that were part of a techno-junk pile from my workshop (this is the very reason why I refuse to throw this stuff out--never know when it's gonna be needed).  I am trying to cobble together into a last-ditch-make-it-work temporary PC but the keyboard connection won't fit the old processor and the processor hasn't been used in over a year.  It will probably go berserk when I try to load AVG.  I need to go to the workshop to dig out another keyboard but I can't leave the laptop while it's doing the whirly thing.

AAAARRRGGGHHH!   This is one of those days that I wish I drank alcohol or ate meat or engaged in criminal activity or something.   

Ice cream.  On the way home from the PO, ice cream.  The turtle flavored stuff with chocolate and caramel.  Yeah, that should take care of the stress.  And who cares about the stupid Webinar anyway!

Prayer and ice cream.  It's all good.  Things will work out.  

.........update:  the system restore has gotten the laptop back online!  let's hope it stays there.  I am still getting that ice cream, though.

since this is only the third time I've had ice cream this year, it doesn't count.  :D

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