Saturday, October 17, 2015

The story of George Bell got to to me this morning.....there are so many George Bells in this world; it is so easy to become a George Bell ourselves.  
The situation may seem inexplicable but it is actually easy enough to explain:  people are hurt, they pull back into themselves, they pretend that they are okay when they are not, since they no longer believe in themselves they cannot accept that anyone can accept them, and thus the cycle begins until it becomes a series of concentric circles that grow wider and  wider and reach further and further while the center becomes smaller and smaller.  The separation between George Bell and others grows and grows.  What once seemed to be a place of safety becomes a prison with walls of shame.  

What most outside observers never reach deep enough to realize is that this is not the action of a weak person but of a strong one who is exerting the limit of self-control because he wishes to spare others the pain that he feels.

We all know at least one George Bell.  

The Lonely Death of George Bell:

If you're feeling crushed, don't hesitate
Face your anger and weakness

While you're lamenting that you're all alone
Next to you, you see a blooming flower in the rubble, swaying

Life is someone supporting somebody else

This simple truth will heal your wounds

Arashi:   Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi
translation:  Yarukizero

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