Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Unendurable Hour of Silence.....

This coming Saturday night, it will be time to set the clocks back.  Everyone seems to hate the time change but I kinda like it.  It seems like part of the wonderful mystery of time and environment.  It's interesting for the night to come on so suddenly sooner; it means that the restful evening of the year has arrived.

The thing that I personally can't stand.....well, it just doesn't make sense to anyone but me.  

I love clocks.  Lots and lots of clocks.  Although I don't have nearly as many clocks as I once did, there are still a variety of about 30 or so in my small house; most are simple battery-powered clocks.  I wish I had more clocks of all kinds!  My special love is old gear-driven clocks that chime.  When the time change comes in the spring, it's easy enough to move the hands of the clocks an hour forward.  But in the autumn,  I have to stop the wind-up clocks for an hour and wait to re-start them.  I always think of that time as the Unendurable Hour of Silence.  

The house is too quiet.  Nothing is ticking; nothing is chiming the hours, halves, or quarters.  The battery-driven and electric clocks are just fine and they are doing what they're supposed to.  But the heart of my house stops beating when the old wind-up clocks are stopped.  And, I admit it, sometimes I cry during that silent hour.

This morning, knowing that the time change is coming on, I decided to change the clocks early--best to get it over with early and get accustomed to the change that will come.  So I have been enduring the Unendurable Hour of Silence.'s nearly over.....I can wait just a few more minutes.....Now!  Finally!  Aaaaah!  

I'm going to go re-start the clocks now, and my house will again be alive with the joy of time.

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