Thursday, November 5, 2015

Waiting for the red gravy to finish cooking, winding the Clock People, and listening to Arashi's Digitalian.....actually I have the song One Step on repeat right now.  Suddenly the sun is out,  it's turning into a really good day.  

The one thing that you can always change is your mind.  
Life is good.

One step Even ordinary days One step
One step Joy and sadness All of it is precious
One step Just wanting these feelings to reach you One step
One step Without ever pausing, our melody will play
If we can share our tears, we'll be okay

translation credit:  Yarukizero

If you want to hear the song One Step (and you should--trust me, it will make you happy), 
you can find it here:
However, it's really not supposed to be posted online so the link won't be good for long.

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