Thursday, December 24, 2015

Otanjoubi Omedeto Aiba-San

"The future can change depending on how we act right now.  
The actions we take.  The seeds we plant.  
I believe the future can change."


"It's not really a Beautiful World 
if you're making requests and demands, is it?  
Caring about what's around you.  
Just wanting to feel happy.  
I think it can be a Beautiful World 
even if there's nothing there.  
Having nothing doesn't mean you're poor.  
It's indifference that is sad.  
So, caring even when you have nothing, 
I think that's what a Beautiful World would be."


"Things like correct measures for doing things or a definite way to succeed, nobody knows for sure.  
But I believe that 
we should be giving our best 
when we do things.  
Here's the main point:  
no matter what we do, not giving our all 
and simply slacking off 
is the worst kind of attitude.  
So even if you have a spirit of adventure, you won't be able to move forward without being consciously aware that this could be your one and only chance."


"There's nothing I want to re-set about my life.  The present doesn't exist without a past.  If I re-set my life, the present wouldn't be the same anymore, would it?  For me, it's fine if life isn't always smooth sailing.  It doesn't matter if bad things or good things happen because I believe 'that's definitely my destiny.'  Furthermore, if  only good things happen, you won't appreciate them anymore.  It's exactly because you've experienced bad things and difficulties that you can rejoice in good things.  Human beings are full of desires; if we take things for granted, life would be meaningless."


“’s not about winning or losing. 
But being able to help even a single person 
with the little things you do 
or making someone feel happy, 
if we can convey anything to someone 
it’s worth having done.”

“Rather than smiling 
because things are enjoyable, 
I always think that if you smile, 
there’s something enjoyable waiting for you.”


"A new path will open up for you if you do your very best to overcome whatever is going on at the moment.”

"You don't always have to think of the future. 
Just try your best 
at what you can do here and now. 
Try challenging new things."

~ Aiba Masaki ~


Otanjoubi Omedeto, Miracle Aiba-chan.
Thank you for always shining bright 
and singing to the sky.

(I have collected these quotes for years and no longer recall the source for any of them so I can't source  the translations; thus I aplogize for not giving credit for the translators' work.)

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