Friday, December 4, 2015

Daisy and the Desk Chair

No doubt about it, I could not figure out how to get my day started this morning.

The cat was in a foul mood, so she woke me up with a good hard bite.....well, several, and I've got  punctures in my palm to prove it.  And I knew that I was out of sorts myself when I followed my sensible breakfast of oatmeal with five chocolate chip cookies.  Yeah, that kind of day.

For several weeks, I have essentially chained myself to the computer to work on my eBay store.  Even though I have accomplished what I set out to do thus far, it kinda feels like I didn't really do anything and the office looks like a disaster zone.  So the only sensible way to start is to tidy up.

But it seems that Someone got to the desk before I did.....

This is the sight that greeted me, and I couldn't stop laughing.  (Daisy ignored me, by the way, even though I had to reach over her head to grab a camera.)  

Maybe this wouldn't seem amusing to anyone else but I know my cat.  Daisy was raised by a dog; she has very little normal cat behavior--even her body language is canine.  Unlike other cats, Daisy absolutely never jumps up on furniture, except for the bed and a living room chair.  In twelve years, she has never, ever voluntarily gotten on my desk chair.  That's why it's so funny. 

Oh, she's still grumpy.  Just look at that "what are you looking at and what are you gonna do about it" face!  

But I feel better.  
Life is good.  
I'll just go tidy up now.

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