Friday, January 29, 2016

Change is.....kinda painful

My old computer died this morning for the last and final time.  It has been quite a struggle. 

When I got my previously owned PC, it had an embedded browser intruder that caused me no end of agony.  I have had it repaired, reloaded, reworked, re-everythinged on no fewer than six occasions by at least four different people.  I've said a lot of prayers over it and, I'm sorry to have to admit, a few bad words as well. 

Lately the fan has been roaring like a choo-choo train.  Yesterday it didn't want to  boot up.  This morning it refused completely.  I just can't see the sense of throwing more money at the problem, so I decided that I was done with the rotten thing. 


In the past several years since I started my eBay business, I have fought continually with a parade of computers (either six or seven including the PC, I can't even recall how many)--mostly discards and freebies in an array of dreadful conditions.  I actually have a selection of keyboards and several monitors, not to mention mice.  I am finally at the end of my endurance and my patience.  I want to dump all of it!  I am done, and when I am done, I am well and truly done.  

Thus I took myself off to WalMart (where I refuse to go unless under extreme duress) before 9AM (unheard of as I am NOT one to be out of the house before noon unless it's for church) before I even had a cup of tea (truly unbelievable), and I spent my entire emergency fund on a new laptop.  Since I was obviously headed to perdition in a handbasket anyway, I paid extra to get a red one and a matching mouse.  Life is too short to be dull, and I was rebellion-bound.

I'll try to be happy later.  Right now I have to install a printer and security and fix the Microsoft registration I messed up.  And I have to learn to use Windows 10.  At least I've figured out that the mouse works better when I'm not holding it backwards!

Change.....I don't like it.  But it's necessary for growth. 


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