Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Dented Can Store

I don't get to do this very often, mostly because the store is on the other side of town (not very far at all but, still, I plan my gas mileage), but it was such a pretty afternoon that I decided to take a sidetrip after I made my usual pilgrimage to the Post Office.  I went to the Warehouse Grocery--known locally as "the dented can store"--in search of some good tea.

Of course, I found more than just seven boxes of good tea. (Yes, I bought seven--never know what they'll have at the Warehouse so you've gotta get it while you can.)  I got lots of goodies:  Pepperidge Farm bread, felafel mix, latke mix, accini de pepe pasta, couscous, vegan soup, Kaavli, Wasabrod, Rusks.

I kinda love the Dented Can store.....but maybe that's because I only spent $30.29!  

And maybe it's also because I like my little town, too.  The afternoon was so nice that the cashier and I stood outside chatting for five minutes (there wasn't anyone waiting to check out anyway), just enjoying the feeling of the warm sunshine.  I've never met her before but here in the Deep South, you're never short a friend because folks are always friendly.  That's what it's like to be Home in Mississippi.

I'm gonna go make tea!  And maybe some toast.  
Life is good. 

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