Thursday, February 25, 2016

Keep on Cookin'

While I was out running errands this afternoon, I decided on the spur of the moment to stop by to see my pawn broker friend.  He helped me with an appraisal, we talked about business, we caught up on our very different lives, and he told me about a project he's working on for his wife (whom he sweetly calls "my lamb"):  he is uploading all her favorite recipes so she can get rid of her twelve cookbooks and her files of copies.  After all, he said, paper is a fire hazard.  And he had no idea why she was resisting the upgrade. 

I just smiled and nodded while my eyes sorta glazed over,  and I said that was really nice of him to come up with an idea like that (and, really, it is very thoughtful that he wants to be helpful to her).....but what I was thinking was that messing with a woman's recipe stash is grounds for serious trouble.  And I was really, really glad he couldn't see my kitchen hallway. 

Yeah, I admit it:  there's more cookbookery behind the cabinet doors.  And, yeah, those aren't the only cookbooks in the house.  Nobody better ever try to upload my recipe copies and digitize my cookbooks!  Those are fightin' words!

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