Sunday, February 14, 2016

There's No Tomorrow Behind You

When I make a mistake,
I try to forget it immediately
because if I think about my mistakes,
I will only repeat them.
Matsumoto Jun


Yesterday I was, belatedly, overcome by stress from the fire. I've always been like that—good in a crisis but a mess well after the event is done. As a result, I failed on all aspects of my Resolution for the first time this year.

But is that really a failure? No, it isn't. It's merely a missed step, and that's okay. The failure would be in not picking up the traces to keep going. There's no point worrying over it. There is no need to start fresh.  This isn't a do-over; it's a continuation.

I like this lyric line from Arashi's Sakura Sake so much that I've actually painted it above the doorway of my workshop, and it's more than appropriate for today:

Don't look back. 
There's no tomorrow behind you.

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