Monday, February 8, 2016

Tiny Greenhouse 2

I'm so surprised!  The rosemary seeds that I planted recently have already sprouted.  Usually rosemary requires two to three weeks to get started.  Let's hope that it decides to thrive.  I'll do my best to help it stay healthy.  Gambatte, little rosemary sprouts!

This morning I decided to get some tomatoes going as well with seeds that I purchased on eBay.  (eBay is a great place to find all sorts of seeds, especially unusual and heirloom varieties, by the way.  Have a look round the site because you might just find the seeds you've been wanting to try.)  I chose Campari tomatoes (my very favorite kind of tomato but I've never tried to grow it before) and currant tomatoes (they're super tiny; I read about them on a blog and that made me long to try them).

My greenhouse materials for today:  Italian ice cups that I rinsed and kept rather than throwing away (perfect size for seedlings), a 1950's era aluminum tray (I have several that I've picked up for pennies at yard sales and I use them all the time for lots of purposes), and dollar store plastic wrap.  I've also found a great use for a box of popsicle sticks that someone gave me last week:  plant markers. 

This little greenhouse is, of course, super-simple.  Poke drainage holes in the cups with a bodkin, fill with soil, water lightly, add seeds, cover cups and tray loosely with plastic wrap.  The handle on this tray is great for keeping the plastic in place but the sticks would have done the job just as well.

Alas I did run into one tiny problem:  I carelessly knocked over all three cups after I had planted Campari seeds.  Dirt all over the kitchen counter.  So frustrating.  I put things back to rights and added a couple of seeds to each container since I really wasn't sure where the original seeds had ended up.  We'll see what happens soon enough.  I'm hopeful for the best so let's go and grow, little tomato seeds!

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