Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Sojourn with Somnus

All of my life I have fought sleep like an enemy to be vanquished, an intruder to be banished.  But this past two weeks, sleep has been pursuing me like a jilted lover who just won't give up.

Sleep.  It's the only thing I want to do.  In bed with a pillow over my's the only place I want to be.  I don't like it but I think maybe it's something I really need right now--like things are changing for me (hopefully in a very good way) and this is like a directional beacon. 

But I've gotta stay awake long enough to get stuff done, and it has been impossible. 

This has been my schedule this week: 
9 AM--almost wake and grumbling
11 AM-3 PM--conscious enough to help at my friend's house
3 PM--back to bed
6 PM--feed the cat
6:05 PM--back to bed
9 PM--hungry enough to eat a snack
10 PM back to bed & unconscious all night

I'm not even waking up in the middle of the night like I've always done.  I'm always just wanting to go back to sleep even when I am awake.  It's kinda annoying.

It's nearly noon now, and I've been awake for three hours.  I've managed to wrap a box for shipment, gone to the Post Office, stopped at the dollar store, and remembered to have breakfast.  But I'm yawning. 

This sleep stuff is making me tired.   I want another nap!

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