Thursday, March 3, 2016

Today I noticed that Grumpy lives at my house.....

My normal temperature is low--about 97.4.  The thermometer now says 100.4.  That's really not good and I haven't slept for three nights, so I am NOT in a cheerful mood.  I feel ruddy awful and there are a few people I would love to have said something to today but I was polite and held my tongue.

To the Tech Support Guy with the Foreign Accent: 
When I said, "please could you repeat that because I didn't quite get what you said" I did not ask you to talk faster and louder.  The reason I couldn't follow your directions was because you were NOT clear.  That is not my fault.  You were the 5th person I spoke to in trying to solve this problem.  I had already done everything you were telling me to do.  It would have been a lot simpler if you had actually listened to me telling you what was going on instead of reading off a useless script.

To the Rude Yankee at the pharmacy:
I heard you making fun of us "dumb Southerners" and it wasn't nice.  You may not have realized how  loudly you were speaking but I heard you tell three different people that your "daughter" had CF, the flu, and strep. Which one was that precisely?  You thought everyone's kind reactions were hysterical.  It's cruel to make fun of people who are showing concern.  If that child actually belongs to you then I'm a monkey's uncle.  And, no, thank you very much but allergy medicine will NOT cure my pneumonia.

To the Man Who was Hugging the Wall at the Post Office: 
Yes, I do actually have a right to be out in public even though I'm ill.  There wasn't anyone else to run my errands, and I was nice enough to warn you that I might cough.

.....So I finally gave in this morning and put both my online stores in Vacation Mode because going to the Post Office with pneumonia is just too hard.  3.5 miles feels a whole lot like 350 right now. 

I'm gonna concentrate only on getting better.  I am hungry and tired and sick and frustrated.  And nobody better mess with me for a couple of days.  Seriously.   People, play nice!

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