Thursday, April 7, 2016

Appreciating the Unseen

Maybe it's because I'm something of a hermit but I really don't understand the world of fact, I find it horrifying.  I've never liked the idea of being on the lens side of any camera.  In the few pictures that exist of my family, I'm rarely seen; and I like that just fine.

Why is it necessary to document every moment?  Why would anyone want to share every single element of their lives?  It's overload.  Bubbles that become too big burst spectacularly.  I don't want anything like that.

I don't mind sharing some of what I'm thinking, some of what I see, some of what I do.  But 90% of what I am is none of anybody's business.  I believe that too much disclosure devalues any action.  After all the Bible tells us not to let our left hand know what our right had is doing--if everyone sees your acts of charity, no blessing comes from them.  When too much is shared, nothing is special any more.  I like special.  I like secrets.  I like keeping mystery.

And I really liked the quote that I saw online this morning from Japanese entertainer Kamenashi Kazyuya:

There's something beautiful
about keeping certain aspects of your life
Maybe people and clouds
are more beautiful
because you can't see everything.


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