Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Consequences of Someone Else's Actions

I spent some time this afternoon catching up with my tenant.  We hadn't had a chance to talk for awhile.  And one of the things we reflected on was the consequences of February 11.....that was the day that one of our neighbors carelessly set a three-alarm blaze that damaged several properties on our street, including this one.

Much of my acreage is deliberately re-wilding, and it's, of course, consequentially untidy.  In the fire, we lost a lot of small trees and shrubs (including a nice little nesting of wild naturally-seeded Eliot's Blueberry), although it appears that the live oak will survive (something for which I am deeply grateful--we Mississippians value our live oaks).  The most obvious problem is that losing our ground clutter leaves the landscape a whole lot more open than we'd prefer and it's something we're just not accustomed to.  I was be-moaning the fact that I can now see cars turning the street corner while I'm resting on my bed, and my tenant was complaining that she can't stand on her front porch in her underwear anymore without folks seeing.

That firebug neighbor never has apologized. 

And I think he should because you know life just ain't fair when you can't take a nap without being bothered by traffic and you can't go outside in your drawers.

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