Saturday, June 4, 2016

It's Not Wishy-Washy

My small (not Tiny) house is a reflection of the time it was built, as most houses are.  It's not old, at least according to my time frame but then I've lived in a couple of houses that were built in the 1600's.

In houses from the 1940's and 1950's, you'd be likely to find the washing machine placed, fairly sensibly, in the kitchen.  My late 1960's house.....well, it doesn't seem sensible at all:  the washer and dryer are in the living room.  Seriously.  Who puts the laundry in the living room?  Well, someone did.  At least it's in a closet of sorts.  But that also means that it's cramped and inconvenient. 

Since I'm in the course of sorting the whole house, I figured I might as well leap right into one of the worst offenses:  the laundry.  That's where I spent the entire day yesterday.  It's packed with all sorts of stuff.  But, as I've said many times, I believe in keeping useful stuff.  Recently two people gifted me their leftover cleaning products (which I was very happy to receive) when they moved out of town so all of that wanted sorting.  And I also bartered last month for a washer to replace my broken one so there was some shifting about to be done, too. 

I couldn't do a full laundry 'room' upgrade (it's not a room in any sense anyhow) with paint and all that but I knew I could make better sense of things--do a sort of inventory to see what stuff there was.  So that's what I did, along with neatening and rather a lot of dusting.

My dear late aunt made an old-fashioned ragbag for me--that's the green gingham in the corner.  The flap on it is heart-shaped.  I treasure it, and I really do use it.  I love stuff like that.  And, yes, I love irons, too.....I must since there are six of them in this picture.  (Well, I confess that the 7th is in the guest room with the ironing board that simply will not fit in the laundry.)

I'm pleased with the results of the day, even though my shelves are a little eccentric.  Eccentric can be good.  It's all part of using what you have in the very best way you can and respecting whatever you receive--that's the kind of person I aspire to be. 

Life is good.....even when your laundry is in the living room

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