Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Super-Duper Scary Idea

I love books.  Obviously.  I have lots and lots of books.  I want lots and lots more books.  I am as crazy for books as I am for glass, and that is indeed saying something.

But moving books.....yeah, kinda hate that.
Moving an entire wall of books.....terrifying.
And that is precisely what I am planning to do.

When I began the big office-change several days ago, I was aware that I would be tweaking and changing some plans. 

But forward progress got unexpectedly slowed down when I dropped the iron bedstead on my toe.  It became necessary to put my foot up for awhile and simply sit.  The problem with sitting still means that I am sitting and thinking.  My imagination goes nuts and I come up with sixty different ways to deal with one simple thing.  Dangerous. 

What I've been butting my head against is the blue room (former study).  The guest bed is now in there.  Daisy is incredibly pleased about that for some reason.  I can't even finish making the bed because she's sleeping on it so sweetly.  (Since Daisy is rarely sweet, I'm not gonna bother her.) 

This room can't be a proper guest room--it has no door for one thing, and I need workspace for another but the bed has to go somewhere, and it seems like it could be a comfy place to read a book.  I thought I'd just make the blue room into a pleasant space where I could read or sew and work on crafty stuff while I watched videos, so I was planning to take the huge work table out and put a smaller table in but (thanks to my toe) I couldn't.  So the great big behemoth was gonna have to to sit dead-center in the room until further notice.

And I find that annoying.  Thus I have been sitting in basket chair staring at it.  And thinking. 

Because I was thinking, I suddenly realized the only really sensible option was to keep the table in the house.  The trouble is that this involves moving books.  Lots and lots of books.  An entire wall of books.  Terrifying. 

Now I'm gonna have to move the living room furniture, too.  Obviously I have lost my flaming mind.  The plan is so involved that I can't even articulate it.  Will check back with updates.  Or maybe with my new address at the asylum.

Life is good.
It's better with books.....even when you have to move them.

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