Friday, July 1, 2016

Half-Year Holiday

The first of July.  Half the year is done; half yet to come.  It's good to take the time to stop and think.  Where do I stand?  What can I look forward to?  How can I make things better?

I'm not a consistent person--I was never taught to be, and my health makes it impossible to make proper plans from one day to the next.  But I've learned that this is okay.  It's just the way things happen in my little world, and I can make that work for me.  Every day is different, that's for sure, and I mostly like that.

Today I will change the calendars.  I will take time to contemplate.  And I will hold meetings.  Yes, I really do hold meetings with myself, and I even discuss things out loud.  After all, there's no one else talking or listening.  I need to pay attention to myself. 

I will make a mug of coffee (a treat that I have only rarely).  I will sit down with my business notebook and my house notebook and my idea file.  And I will assess.  It's a good thing and sometimes, admittedly, a little scary.

By the way, I'm still keeping my one and only New Year's Resolution.  I haven't been absolutely perfect but I'd say 90% success.  Have you kept yours?  If you haven't, this is the perfect day to pick up the threads and keep working from right where you are.

You see, the stuff you've always been told and what you see in all the magazines and the advice books is wrong: 
you don't need a do-over,
you don't need a fresh start,
you don't need to begin all over again. 
The important thing is to keep trying every day, even if you only move forward a single inch.  Just begin where you left off; it will be okay. 

Maybe some things will need tweaking, some ideas may grow or may wither over time--learn to adjust.  But don't ever quit on your dreams and your goals, even if they are hard to reach.  Just keep trying without giving up.

Try and try, so that your dreams really come true
Just like that, we're connected.  You and me.
Raise your face, voice, hands, pride and joy.
Get the star.  The star you saw when you were a child...
Day by day.  With patchwork dreams, sing out loud
Just keep on tryin'  Keep on tryin'
Arashi, Keep on Tryin', translation credit to Yarukizero
You don't have to be some else's idea of perfection--just accepting that it's okay to be yourself is an amazing and brave step.  And it feels really wonderful.

So, on this Half-Year Holiday, take time to assess.  Hold a meeting with yourself.  Pick up the threads.  And keep on trying.

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