Monday, July 11, 2016

In a Sunny Place

My small (not Tiny) house was built in the late 1960's.  It's a Florida-style stucco that has three bedrooms even though it's only about 900 square feet.  When my parents lived in the house, the smallest bedroom (it's yellow) was my mother's sewing room.  The medium-size bedroom (it's pink) was the bedroom.  And the master bedroom (it's blue) was my stepfather's study.

As Dad declined with dementia, he sat in that room and struggled with a losing battle--angry, depressed, ill, waiting for the inevitable. 

After he passed on, the room became my mother's study.  As Mother struggled with illness, fear, frustration, and unhappiness, she sat in that room and brooded, waiting for the inevitable. 

When she passed on, I moved into the house and that same room became my study.  And I have sat in this room and struggled.  I have tried every way I can think of to make this a great place to work but it's just not happening--maybe past atmosphere intrudes; I don't know.  

I've prayed a lot about what to do to turn things around, to see things in a different light.  Finally it occurred to me that I needed to be sitting someplace else if I wanted to see things differently.  So I have decided that I absolutely, resolutely will not try to run my business out of this room any longer.  That's why I have, during the course of the past two days, literally torn my house apart so that I can move my desk and my eBay business entirely into the small sunny yellow room.  It's a cheerful place. 

It will take awhile to get everything put to rights because it's all topsy-turvy and cattywampus.   The living room is the worst--absolutely anything and everything has been dumped there so I can move stuff around and sort things out. 

I wrote out an action plan (even though I'm not certain where some pieces of furniture will ultimately land), and I'm working my way down the list.   The first thing I had to do was to move a bookcase from the study into the dining room.

I kinda like the results so far, even though all of the messes are super-scary.  Of course, there's lots more changes to come. 

I'm hopeful. 
Life is good.

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