Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Moving Past Impossibilities

On Monday and again on Tuesday morning I was staring at an impossibility.  Or at least it seemed impossible to me.  But it really wasn't. 

One important thing I've learned in life:  there is a point in any task when it seems like the whole thing is worthless.  That's when you have to stop, re-assess, pray.  And then you have to take one more step.  And another.  And another.  Just one step at a time.

I won't lie to you; the past two days have been rough.  I'm tired.  My shoulders hurt.  I'm covered in bruises.  Maybe moving furniture and books is easy for others.  It's hard for me.  But I am so glad that I did.

And I am especially glad that I stopped pray and to look at the task again.  That cut-off piece of baseboard?  Well, I remembered that my stepdad cut that out to make the bookcases fit into the room better.  I am using those same bookcases.  That's how I realized what I should do--that I should put the bookcases back where he had them.  That's how I knew how to make that huge work table fit nicely into the room where I didn't think it fit and that I could not move it out of--I put it where he once had a different work table

The room needs some tweaking and a little redecorating but it's good to go.  Things are where they need to be.  The room works.  Finally.  And it's not a study anymore.  It's a place to work with beads and wire and fabric.  It's a place to read.  It's a place to dream new dreams.

I am so grateful.
Life is good.
And I think I need a nap.....before I move on to the next space that needs tidying up and re-working.

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