Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Wonderful World of DontWanna

Anyone who knows me even remotely is aware that I am NOT a morning human. 

Oh, I wake up early enough--usually just at 6 AM (without an alarm clock; I have an alarm cat, thank you, and she wants her breakfast).  And I don't linger in bed.  I'm up and moving about but I am actually existing somewhere in DontWannaWorld for a couple of hours.  It's a place where I think of stuff I should do but I DontWanna, and there's no fighting it until I'm really ready to get going; it's just the way my head works.

This morning I was in DontWanna for longer than usual because I was hungry and I felt pouty about it.  There was nothing I wanted and I couldn't figure out what to do because I was hungry so I didn't do anything.  It was a Mobius-strip of useless frustration. 

When in doubt, take the simplest path.  The plainer, the better.

Two thin slices of homemade bread. 
One small pot of homemade yoghurt.
A knife.
A bowl.
A spoon.
A linen napkin.

Cube the bread.  Plop the yoghurt on top. 
It's heaven in a bowl, trust me on this.

The day is looking ever so much better, and I'm ready to leave DontWanna.

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