Monday, August 15, 2016

Back to the Office

It made sense to step away for awhile  from working on my office.  Progress just doesn't happen in a straight line; it requires detours at times.  And now that I'm right in the middle of a massive mess in the living room, I had to stop there to get back to work on the office instead. 

It's confusing, isn't it?  But I believe to be true what my stepfather always said, "A change of work is the best vacation."   I just get more done when I'm not too focused on one thing for a long period of time.

Yesterday, I decided that it was time to tackle my eBay stock storage.  I don't know how other eBay sellers do, but I don't have a lot of space in my small (not Tiny) house and I've had to use whatever came to hand for furnishings and storage options. 

On the stock wall, I've got two metal shelves that I cannibalized from my workshop; I painted them a pretty color (ocean blue spray paint was what I had, so that's what I used) so they'd seem more agreeable in the house.  And there's a baker's rack that I got from a friend who was on the point of throwing it out when she closed her store; I painted that a nice color, too (bubblegum purple spray paint was what I already had on hand for that) and I put a coat of white on the stained work-surface. 

To be honest, I did not do all this painting recently; this has been the set-up I've used since I began as an eBay seller, and it still works for me.  (Amazingly the three pieces fit precisely in the small space of this room--another inch or two, and it wouldn't.)  The stock wall was part of my guest room.  Now the guest bed is in the former study--I'm not sure what that room is now but that's okay; it has finally become a pleasant place.  And the guest room has become my eBay office--it's so much better having everything in one place.  I should have had the sense to do this years ago.

What I'm doing now in the office is re-organizing my stock.  My storage baskets and boxes came from a pile of pre-owned and gifted stuff.  Zero dollars spent for organizing items.  I'm also re-using a few shipping boxes (but I am also planning to use them for mailing later when I sell the contents; three uses = win/win/win).  I made my labels out of a pretty notepad that I've had for awhile and also some old post-it notes. 

Yesterday I put in a very long 14-hour day and got about 80% of the work completed--actually got more done that I had hoped, so that's good.

The right-side shelf and the baker's rack are all set.

The left-side shelf wants a bit of work still but that will happen sometime during the next day or so, with any luck and with a bit of determination.

And then it will be time to get some new listings created!  But it will be so much nicer working in a space that makes sense.

Even though the office change has thrown my entire house into turmoil and even though this change will take a couple of months (or maybe just a bit longer) in total to complete, it's really one of the best decisions I've ever made.  (The best decision of all, of course, was getting rid of my refrigerator!  More about that here:  The Refrigerator Journey.  That's been about two years ago, and I have never regretted it for a moment.)

Something interesting is always happening.
Life is good.

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