Friday, August 5, 2016

Back to Those Bananas

I bought the infamous stinky brown bananas because they were on sale, of course.  It was a large heavy pre-wrapped clearance package that I guessed held about a dozen bananas (there were actually fifteen but three were fuzzy and beyond use--the "bad" ones went outside to the Wildlife Pile).  It was marked .69 cents.  Looking at the receipt, it seems I paid .99 but no matter; it was still a great bargain.  Since there wasn't any fruitcake or other sweet breads left in the freezer after my recent battles with five Zero Food Budget weeks, I really needed to make banana bread.

For most of the ingredients, I was able to use what I already had on hand.  I just needed an extra 5 pound bag of flour (store-brand, $1.55) and a pound of margarine (also store-brand, .85 cents).  When you add on tax, that comes to just a little over $3.50.  Since I'll be using the leftover flour and margarine to cook other stuff and since I was also  using ingredients from the pantry, I figure it all evens out in the end for the purposes of Basic Imaginary Math (not including the electricity usage for the oven, although a wiser head than mine would reasonably do so).  The six loaves that I make will come in at a cost of about .58 cents a loaf.  Each loaf will yield at least a dozen slices, so that's less than .5 cents a slice.  Budgetary win!  And when you think about it further, 6 loaves X 12 slices = 72 happy teatimes. 

By the way, there is just nothing better than a banana bread peanut butter sandwich.  If you haven't tried that, you really should.

I still have 5 bananas left and another two-loaf batch to make.  I also need to make yoghurt today and My Mother's Very Best Bread (six loaves of the most wonderful yeast bread in the world).  At 6 AM, it's already looking like it's gonna be a busy day.

Life is definitely good, and surely just as good as we make it.
I'm very grateful.

.....and if you're interested, the song that's playing in the background for me this morning is Arashi's Daylight.

Everyone experiences the same kind of regrets, but they don't want their dreams to end
So they try to change themselves and walk forward to the future

Embracing the pain, and changing it to kindness Even though it nearly breaks your heart
You've already realized it But if you start walking, it'll come into sight

Tightly hold on with your warm hands Seize the moment 
(Translation credit:  Yarukizero)

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