Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Waning Moon

It's a rainy Sunday afternoon, and I am tired.  Done.  Exhausted.  Didn't sleep.  Can't sit still.  That's right:  I am so worn out that I'm actually restless.  That's bad.  Rest is what I need but I can't find it, maybe won't allow it.  Too much on my mind.  Too much to do.  Too much undone.  Too many things I simply cannot handle all by myself.

That's why I've been sitting at my dining table with a mug of tea that went cold more than two hours ago, playing a board game against myself and losing every time. 

Everyone feels weary and worn sometimes.  But it's not okay to stay there.  Things only change when we make them change, and that means moving on--maybe simply getting a fresh mug of tea for one thing.

Life is still good, even when you can't sleep because the moon is waning and the world is full of worries.  Just gotta walk through the fire if you want to get to the other side.  It's okay. 

The one thing that you can always change is your own mind.  Each moment is a fresh possibility, even starting from right now.  I think I'll go do a load of laundry after I put the tea kettle on.  That's productive.  That's useful.

Yeah, life is definitely good.  Things are looking better already.

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