Sunday, October 23, 2016

Internet Ideas: Turn a Milk Jug Into a Re-usable Container

I love good ideas, especially ideas for re-purposing stuff.  When I see something nifty on the Net, I am in the habit of clicking on my Favorites tab and moving along.....generally forgetting that I've favorited the thing at all so that nothing comes of the idea. 

Well, recently I had a computer kerfluffle:  something went massively wrong with my "play" computer (the one with all those favorited links), and my Favorites list disappeared entirely despite my best efforts to Restore.  I was so upset because there's a long list of links that I have visited daily for years.  Although I've been trying to find those sites again, it has been a losing battle.  

Those lost links are why I'm thinking now that if I see something sufficiently interesting to catch my attention, I need to pay heed long enough to see if it's something that I actually can make work for me.  I don't want to let everything pass me by too easily.

One project link that stuck in my mind was for making re-usable containers from milk or water jugs.  I happened to have two in the kitchen, so I hunted down some links (mostly not helpful) and with only this picture as a pattern to go by, I gave it a try.  (I have not shared a link because the article that referenced the picture lead to a dead link, so I could not source the original.  My apologies to the owner of the picture--no infringement is intended.)

It was an interesting process, especially as the milk jugs from my local grocery have rather a large (thus, unavoidable) punt in one side which made it a bit difficult to get a good fit.  I couldn't get all of the sticker off one of the jugs either but I figured that as I was making my first two for exploration purposes, they didn't really need to be perfect (which they are most assuredly not--and you can see those big punts on the tops).

I used buttons (salvaged from discarded worn-out clothing) and  rubber bands (saved from grocery store produce bundling) to make the closures.

With a bit more perfecting, this could be a useful item.  One factor that wants noting is that the plastic edges tend to be sharp--not sure how to overcome this.

Anyway, once I'd gotten my two boxes done, I went link-hunting again and found this elegant version:  DIY Lunchbox Container.  Kinda glad I didn't see that first; her pieces are so perfect and my skills aren't up to that.....but, yeah, I definitely favorited her site for further exploration.

Life is good.
It's kinda fun trying to find different ways to recycle stuff.

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