Friday, October 28, 2016

Like Dominoes

Stale.   I've been feeling stale lately--trying not to but there's been a lot of stressful stuff that has made me want to sit in a corner and hide.  After all, I was always taught to hold still when there was trouble.  But I know now that this is the wrong way to respond.  It's important to keep moving, to do something, anything.  That's why I started re-arranging stuff in the vitrine the other day. 

At first, I was just moving teacups from one shelf to another.  Then I moved my mother's Nikko dinnerware from the vitrine to the Depression Era hutch where it looks nicer, and then I moved my collection of odd teapots from the hutch to the vitrine.  And I began to feel a little bit better about the world.  Just a little bit.  I started looking at things differently.

That's how I happened to notice how dusty and vagrant the bedroom had become, so I decided to vacuum.  But that wasn't enough really, so it seemed like a good idea to move each piece of furniture so as to dust under them properly.  And that's how I happened to re-arrange the furniture--not a lot, just a few small tweaks that made a big difference.

That's how I happened to remember another piece of furniture I've got stored away in the workshop.  It's a quirky little corner cabinet (kids' furniture really) that I have never found space for in the house.  I could have sold it many times over (other people have found it as charming as I do) but I couldn't bear to let it go.  Just this morning I realized that I now have the perfect spot for it.  And that makes me so happy.

That's why I'm planning to paint and repair the little cabinet.  And then I remembered, too, a small wooden chest that is also stored in the workshop, another quirky thing--it's an old ship's library box that my stepfather found discarded at one of his jobs and rescued.  I think I just might have found a great place to put that, too.

Dominoes.  It's like tumbling dominoes.  One good idea tends to bring on another.  Nothing happens if you just hold still, though. 

Life is good.
Keep trying without giving up.


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