Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Scaredy Cat

I am not a nice human.
I can't stop laughing.
And it really shouldn't be funny.

I've told the story before about how Daisy had a traumatic experience on the screen porch and about how she has made a new friend with the neighbor's cat Smokey.  (Read here )  The two cats have been having good visits through the screen but it turns out that little Miss Smokey has a naughty streak:  she likes to sneak up on Daisy and jump at the screen to startle her.  It has happened more than once.

Daisy is getting on in years and she has gotten just a bit deaf so she really turns out the light when she goes to sleep. 

She was napping happily in the sunshine on the porch last I checked on her this morning.  A short while later I heard a shrill feline scream.  Smokey had obviously played "Gotcha!" again with Daisy.  But since this scream seemed worse than usual, I went to check. 

There was Daisy huddled by the door in a panic and there was a puddle where she had been sleeping.  Yeah, Smokey literally scared the pee out of her.

It shouldn't be funny.
I can't stop laughing. 
Bad human.  Bad!

.....just so you know that I'm not heartless, I made sure Smokey was okay; she was unrepentant and looked amused.  Then I brought Daisy in the house and rubbed her down with catnip.  She's sitting on her window seat next to me now--alert, shoulders hunched, searching for pesky Miss Smokey.  I bet Daisy would fix Smokey's little red wagon if she could.

All is well.
And I'm still laughing.
I love cats.

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