Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Spooky Stuff

I've been trying to puzzle this out.  But I can't explain it.

I just discovered a plain long straight pin in front of the bookshelves in the blue room.  It shouldn't have been there.  There were several reasons that it absolutely shouldn't have been there.

  • I'm uncommonly careful about pins and needles because I don't want Daisy the Cat getting hurt, and I don't want to step on them either.

  • I have never bought plain straight pins.  Even when I was sewing as a child, I chose glass-headed pins.  Even now I use quilters' pins or flower-head pins.

  • Although I have a lot of pins--from my grandmother's and from my mother's sewing supplies as well--there are no plain long straight pins.  None of us liked to use them because they are too easily lost-sight-of in sewing and leave the seamstress more prone to pricked fingers.  If there were any plain straight pins, they would be of the short variety; the long ones are uncommon.

  • My stepfather also used pins in making models in that room but he used bar-headed pins and anyway the carpet was changed long after his passing.

  • I vacuumed the room a few days before and there was nothing there on the carpet.  Indeed, it was not there earlier in the day.  But it was there where it could be clearly and easily seen.

  • It was not an old pin but a shiny new-looking one.  No other person has been in my house for weeks.

Wanna start playing the theme music from the Twilight Zone now?  I can hear it in my head.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened. 

Perhaps the most memorable odd find was an earring.  I discovered it in front of the fireplace hearth.  It was a stud with a pretty purple stone.  It wasn't mine.  I had never seen it before.  There had been no visitors in the house for months, and I had vacuumed that same area on multiple occasions in the time since.  In any case, it couldn't have dropped from someone's ear because the back was attached to the earring.

Weird.  There's no way it should have been there.  Same thing with that straight pin.  There was another time I found the back of a tie tack--again, I know of no tie tacks in the house.  And yet again with a small faceted stone that I can't identify.

Where does this stuff come from? 

Life is good. 
And occasionally weird.

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