Thursday, October 6, 2016

Well Said

There's an old late 1970's British TV show called Blakes 7 that still has what is known as a "cult following."  The sets were awful and the costuming was often cheesy but the scripts were good and the acting was frequently brilliant. 

I suppose you could say that I was part of that following since I saw every episode multiple times.   And I suppose you could say that I was awfully fond of the anti-hero Kerr Avon who so often put into words what I wanted to say but never could.

Lately, I've had one particular little bit of that Blakes 7 dialogue running through my memory.

I'm entitled to my opinion.
It is your assumption
that we are entitled to it as well
 that I find irritating.
Well said, Avon.  Well said indeed. 

Lately as well, I am reminded of one of my college professors who lead us in a symposium on negotiation strategy where divisiveness and argument were to be expected.  He liked to remind us of what he saw as a key facet in negotiation:

We are all free to disagree.
None of us are free to be disagreeable.

Well said, Professor.  Well said indeed.

I ruminate on statements like these (they are very good advice, after all) when I'm listening to all of the frustrating, worrying, unnerving contentiousness in the news. 

It's hard to hear yourself think whilst everyone is shouting, and it's impossible to find answers without first finding the calm center of conscience within yourself.


Life is good.
What can we do to make it better?  


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