Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Child's Faith

Division bothers me.  No, I don't mean the "math" kind of division (although that's bad enough); I mean divisiveness--the issues that set people apart from one another.  And that is what I am seeing all over the news this morning. 

I am trying, quite honestly, to avoid the news.  Yes, I had an opinion when I voted but that is private--just as I think every person's vote should be.  What I have been worried about with this particular election has been the outcome:  not about which person should win but about the reactions on both sides no matter what should happen.  People seem set so strongly against one another. 

Division.  It makes me sad, and it frightens me.  Perhaps it frightens you, too. 

When I thought about these matters this morning, when I realized there was so little to be done to heal deep rifts, only one thing came to mind:  we are all the children of God, and we need to have the faith of children--simple, trusting, hoping.  It is one of the hardest things as an adult to do but it is what we need. 

So I offer to you a prayer that I learned long ago that has recently been taken up by others again--in this instance by the Pope.  Please note that I am not Catholic, and I am not espousing any church or religion over another.  This is a simple prayer that we can make as children,  no matter what the basis of our personal faith might be, believing in the power of God (who loves us all equally) to help us to cope with all of the worries in our lives.

Start with the thumb and move across the hand from left to right.

Image was borrowed from this website simply because it was the prettiest graphic that I found online.

Pray for peace.
Be kind, generous, thankful.
Life is good.

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