Saturday, November 12, 2016

Chilly Days.....Chili for Supper

November has been unexpectedly busy thus far and I just haven't been able to get to the stuff I had planned to do.  (That seems to happen too often when I make plans, doesn't it?)

For one thing, I need to make bread but until the wound on my finger heals (see this post ), I don't think it's a good idea to be kneading dough.  And let me be honest here:  anyone who had been less pig-headed or who had a particle of sense, would have gone to have that cut stitched up.  It was bad, and I'm still keeping it covered (and, yes, it is still difficult to type).  No bread-making for me for another week.

For another, I have been super-busy organizing and packing my neighbor's trailer.  But there's also the hidden fact that being in the trailer haunts me.  That trailer used to be my home, and I lived there during very, very difficult days.  I want to finish my packing tasks soon so that I can put those memories to rest again.

And then there's the fact that the weather is getting chilly.....well, chilly for me anyway.  I don't cope well with that sort of thing.  And I won't even go into the fact that my house is un-insulated and, being all electric, expensive to heat.  (But if you really wanna know:  read this .)

All of that brings me to this point:  chili for supper!

I went to the "dented can store" the other day to buy tea.  (I've written about that place before, too, but I will leave it to you to find those posts.)  It's a small warehouse grocery that sells overstocked, out-dated, slightly damaged goods, and it's just fine if you either shop carefully or are a daredevil.  (I fall into the former category, no surprise there.)  The nice thing about this store is that I can often find stuff that is not otherwise available to me, like good teas and English biscuits and vegetarian soups.  And I nearly always come away with some little treat or other.  The extra item I found the other day made me laugh:  Ol' Hired Hand Original Six Gun Chili Mixin's.  I haven't seen that stuff in years!

My family used to buy Six Gun Chili packs when we lived in California about a zillion years ago, and we were always amused by the silly directions on the back of the bag.  And there was always serious discussion about what heat level we would choose--like Goldilocks in the Bear's house, we tried all three to figure out which was just right.  As I recall, that was option 2:  Outlaw Chili. 

Before I do anything else today, I'm gonna go stir up a batch of that chili (vegetarian style, of course!) so that it will be ready and waiting on the back of the stove for when I've finished packing up the trailer kitchen.

Life is good.
Memories can be happy, too.

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