Saturday, November 26, 2016

Making a Plate: My Favorite Lunch

I truly believe that the simplest things can be most satisfying.  Thus, my favorite lunch. 

No recipe required. 
No silverware needed either. 

Slices of sharp white cheddar
Wedges of nicely ripe Roma tomato
Center celery spears with the leaves
Bread & Butter pickle chips
Gardein "Crispy Chik'n"
A dollop of Ranch dressing for dipping

Of course, any of these items is easily replaceable with something else:  different varieties of cheese or pickle or meat substitute.  Olives, artichoke hearts, mushrooms.  Small pieces of any fresh veggies or leaves of various lettuces.  It's fun to create different combinations.

The Gardein meat substitute, by the way, is meant to be served with a mandarin orange sauce that comes in a packet included in the package.  But I don't like it on the chik'n bits because it makes them soggy rather than crispy.  I save the sauce to pour over rice or ramen; and it tastes so good there.

When I have this for lunch, I always say that I am Making A Plate.  So that is what it is called.

Life is good.

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