Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Watching Cats

Cats.  Yeah, I am one of those millions of people who enjoy watching cat videos on YouTube.  Kinda can't help it.  I admire the cats that most people do--like Maru.  Who wouldn't love Maru and his little sister Hana?  And I'm especially fond of Neko Shiro and his five sons. 

Why are so many of the best cat videos Japanese?  I guess that's because cats are so beloved there.  Even the Shiba Inu (Japanese dog breed) prefers to be with cats rather than other dogs.

There are many feral cats in Japan, and there are very kind people who look after them.  One of them is YouTube videographer Takashi Furuya.  He and some other folks look after a tribe of much-loved feral kitties near a river bank.  They bring the cats food and freshly-caught fish.  They brush and care for them.  There is a make-do shelter for the cats, too. 

The proceeds earned from Furuya-san's video views help to pay for their veterinary care.  So, do a simple good deed today:  enjoy one of his videos. 

Life is good.
Nya!  (That's Japanese for Meow.)

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