Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Day of Change

There are things I have in common with cats:  I dislike being startled, I dislike loud noises, I dislike it when stuff is out of control, I dislike confusion, and I really don't like change in general.  Today, I've gotta deal with all of those and probably more:  it's moving day for my former tenant's mobile home.

Strange people will be here.  There will be lots of loud noises and far too many things happening.  There will be damage--I've been told already that some of my trees will have to go.

I don't like it.  But it has to happen.  And out of this new things will grow.  Change is painful but it is necessary for rebirth. 

The view from my office window will be different tomorrow.

I'm saying my prayers.
I will be brave.
God is gracious.

Life is good.

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