Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Value of Very Old Socks

My feet kinda don't like me.  I won't go into detail because that wouldn't be nice.  Let's just say that, due to several medical problems, my feet are often painful.  And I don't tolerate the cold at all well, especially with my feet.  I don't like shoes; I have no slippers that I can bear for long; and often I have been unable to wear socks.  Lately, due to the chilly weather, I have very much wanted to wear socks. and thanks to some miracle or other, it has been possible.  My sock drawer is seeing more activity than it has in years. 

Yes, I have kept my old socks even when I wasn't able to wear them.  If you keep stuff, you don't have to buy it again when you need it later.  This is something those silly Marie Kondo fans totally don't get; they are very likely to regret it one day.   My motto:  It's cheaper to keep it!

Anyway, at the very back of my sock drawer, I found something interesting:  a really, really old pair of ugly green socks.  Yeah, I've got a pair of socks that are probably older than you!  A flood of happy memories came back when I found them:  my old college dorm and laughing during finals week with my roommate and being entranced with the subjects I was studying and being so grateful for the hotpot in my room that helped me make endless mugs of tea.....and so many more small unimportant but joy-filled moments that I might not even recall if it weren't for an ugly old pair of  socks.

So, yeah, Marie Kondo:  I think that encouraging people to throw away everything is evil because sometimes your memories go with them.

I smiled when I pulled a pair of much newer ugly blue socks out of the drawer this morning.  Then I smoothed out those awful green socks and put them reverently back in place.  I am unlikely to wear them again (they are threadbare and there's a big hole in the instep where I caught it on a screw at the edge of the carpet in my dorm room; that was a funny moment, too) but I will keep them forever.

Remembering the past helps us to know who we are now.
Life is good.

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