Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Good Day But.....

I have both been looking forward to this day and also dreading it:  the movers have come to take my former tenant's mobile home.  It should have been moved in November.  And I have been promised half a dozen times since that it would be moved but nothing ever happened, and I had somehow ceased to expect it.

When the movers arrived today, I was still asleep.  It was nearly 9 AM and I had been awake much of the night because I never can sleep during the waning moon, and I woke only because the cat persisted in jumping on my chest to alert me that something was afoot.

After I threw on jeans and one of my old lavender tees (I have 4 of them but they were freebies and you know what folks wisely say about gift horses), I hurried out to move my car to the end of my backdoor neighbor's driveway.  I have eBay shipments to mail today, so I can't risk being blocked in.

On the walk home, my across-the-street neighbor's nasty dogs went after me.  The old guy apparently thought it was funny to sic his little wiener dog on me one day when I was at my mailbox.  But I was not amused.  Now I can't walk to my mailbox anymore because every time that horrid little creature sees me, it thinks Tally ho! and lunges at me snarling with teeth bared.  This morning it was joined by two much larger buddies.  Scary.

When I texted my backdoor neighbor about my car being in his drive, I also mentioned the dogs.  He had advice:  Call the Sheriff.  Right.  Yeah, I've done that more than once with other dangerous dogs in previous years, and the SO always tells me the same thing:  if a threatening dog is on your property, shoot it.  I'm not calling--even if I did they would just laugh at me for being threatened by a dachshund.  And I'm not shooting either.

I hate loud noise and confusion and dogs barking and people shouting but that's what I've got today.  And I don't know what I will do without the income I got from having a tenant but it is unlikely that I will have another.

I don't know what the future holds.  But God does.  I'm trusting in that infinite goodness.  And I'm gonna move forward.

Life is good.....although currently confusing and noisy.

and hours later.....
The foreman tells me that the ground is too wet (which I could have told him myself if I had had any warning) and that he has "wrecked" my yard.  I told him not to worry himself over it because there's no point getting upset.  That's life.  Stuff grows back.  But he also told me that the trailer won't be leaving here today.....sigh.
Life is still good.  No matter what.
.....more hours later:  two broken axles.  That's what happens you try to move one of those things out of soaked wetland.  But, hey, no one consulted me.
I can't use my driveway at all.  They also dug up a huge chunk of the re-wilded area of my front yard and took down my mailboxes without telling me.
Ah well, stuff happens.  Things get stuck.  That trailer has always seemed to draw the worst sort of luck.  And now it's stuck.
Life is still good.  So there!


  1. It seems as though the trailer does not want to leave you!!!!
    Sorry about all the kerfuffle it has dreamed up to try to stay in your safe place...


  2. To be really, really honest, I have always thought that trailer was cursed. Literally. As a person of faith, I don't like saying something like that but my mother (a prayer warrior if there ever was one) thought there was something wrong with that trailer, too. From the moment a family member bought it for me 15 years ago, things began to go wrong. Drastically wrong, and didn't improve until I moved out. When my former tenant bought the trailer, things went wrong for her as well. Drastically wrong, and things have begun to improve for her now she has moved out. It doesn't surprised me one little bit that the trailer caused so much trouble on the way out. And it had more tricks up its sleeve, too. It somehow caught my underground ATT cable and broke off a yard-long section. So I have had neither phone nor internet service for nearly four days. And I have had to have my modem replaced as a result as well. And the Sheriff even paid a visit last night--not because of the dogs but because another neighbor caused a ruckus by blocking our narrow lane-and-a-half wide dead end street. This week has been just tons of fun. Life is good.....I just wish it wasn't so interesting sometimes!