Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Mistake.....Or Is It Really?

Sometimes I move forward too quickly--this is both a habit and a natural tendency.  Moving too fast is exactly what I did this morning when I placed an order for shipping supplies.  I mis-read the title on one item but I was speeding along the road to getting the job done.....thus I ordered a whole bunch of what I already had rather than the one thing that I knew I really needed. 

Kinda seems like a metaphor for life, don't you think?

We dig holes for ourselves and then become cross when we fall in.  But, wait, who dug that hole?  Yeah, me.

Grumbling is not the answer. 

You know what I realized?  Maybe I will actually need the very item that I purchased in error; maybe there's something good coming my way and this will make me ready.

It's all in how we see things.  Moving quickly isn't so bad after all.  It's just how I am made.

Life is good.
Be blessed in this wonderful New Year!

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