Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Shadows Update

Things never seem to happen by halves here. 

When my former tenant's trailer was moved this week, that hulking behemoth left a good deal of damage in its wake.  (It was, by the way, a large 16 X 80--bigger than my small [not Tiny] house.)  Besides a lot of general damage to the yard itself (including deep gouges in the soil that carry on for hundreds of feet) and the destruction of a number of young trees where the soil was scraped clear of anything green and living, the trailer movers also managed to snag my underground ATT cable and carried off at least a yard-length of it.  Thus, no internet service for nearly four days. 

The internet isn't just the basis of my business (I do, after all, earn my bread-and-butter on eBay) but it's also my source for the outside world:  news, weather, entertainment.  Although my neighbor gave me a digital converter box for Christmas, my TV service is limited to one single channel that plays only vintage sitcoms from the 50's, 60's, and 70's.  Half the time, there's no signal because the antenna (also a Christmas gift) hasn't got enough range.  Thus, the only diversion available in my house (besides books), were the CD player in the kitchen hall and the all-region DVD player attached to the pitiful little old hand-me-down TV on my work table. 

So there I was with no other choice than to face it: 
cleaning out closets and organizing storage boxes. 
I've gotten a quantity of work done.

My new little sewing alcove (former blue room closet) still wants painting.  I've decided on plain white to brighten it up but the paint purchase will have to wait.  And it still wants some pretty boxes, a lamp, a special extension cord, and a little more organization.  But I'm pleased with progress.

My bedroom closet has now morphed into a place for both dresses and power tools.  I find that dichotomy kinda amusing.

When I think about it, I wouldn't have started on this project at all if I hadn't decided to move furniture (which, of course, didn't work out but no matter).  It's funny how things happen.  I'm so glad that I had a busy house project already in hand right when I really needed one.

Life is good.

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