Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Time to Take a Meeting!

Ever since I became an eBay seller, I've had the habit of occasionally holding Business Meetings.....by myself.  Yeah.  No, really, I do!

Now what do you do at a business meeting?  As I recall from previous employment: you gather together your current information, get a mug of coffee or tea, set out some pastries or doughnuts, and get busy planning/discussing/plotting. 

So that's what I do.....silly though it seems to be doing so by myself.  I even talk to myself out loud and have discussions.  It's actually really effective.  When you say something aloud, it has more meaningful weight in your memory and is more encouraging than if you silently thought about it.  I find that I'm more likely to follow through afterward.

I also hold House Meetings to consider what needs to be done here in my small (not Tiny) house.  Lately I've begun thinking of it as a small (not Tiny) homestead.....that's an interesting notion, isn't it?  Well, it's an idea I'm exploring, and having a House Meeting is just another way of considering something like that.

Meetings just take a little while, maybe 20 minutes.  Mine yesterday combined both Business and House.  I keep notebooks for each of my planning sessions.  Now I know that I'm kinda starting on the whole Bullet Journal journey and that should make my meeting books redundant but I'm reluctant to release them just yet.  Change doesn't happen overnight.  But the Bullet Journal was one of the items on my meeting agenda!

Yesterday I considered some simple plans for moving my business along (have been researching some other sellers' ideas and cherry-picking the bits that will work for me), and I also came up with a silly idea for improving housekeeping (I'm calling it the Cleaning Carousel--maybe it will work out; maybe it will be just a funny idea for a one day experiment; we'll see what happens and maybe I'll share in case you wanna be silly, too). 

My pleasantly busy/untidy work table is a great place to sit and plan and chat with myself on a rainy morning.....I enjoyed my meeting and the blueberry cheesecake Danish that went with it! 

Meetings are very worthwhile.
Life is good.

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