Thursday, March 30, 2017

Hello, Volunteers!

Today I "haven't been feeling too so very good" (to borrow an old expression). 

It's been a stormy day and the atmospheric pressure kinda gets to me so I feel restless and headache-y and generally out of sorts.  But I've been trying to keep my mind occupied with some plans I've come up with for something I want to make.  And that's another reason the weather was a problem:  I wanted to go outside to pick up some sticks to use in my new project but I couldn't because I had to wait for the storm to clear, and that made me feel grumpy. 

Daisy felt grumpy, too.  I couldn't let her stay on the screen porch while there was thunder and lightning, and she was plenty cross about it.  The only place in the world she wants to be right now is the porch.  I had to crack open the window to satisfy her desire for fresh air.  (And just after I took this picture, there was a very bright flash of lightning and a very LOUD crack of thunder, so Daisy went flying out of the room.  I wasn't far behind.)

Grumble.  Grumble.  Grumble.
And you know grumbling doesn't do any good at all.

When I finally went outside, I wandered around.  There were lots and lots of sticks on the ground.  My yard is a mess.  I found several sticks that would do but I wanted to wander over to where my tenant's mobile home used to be because I knew the right sort of branches might be found over there where the movers did some cutting to get the trailer out.

That's when I found something I hadn't expected--kinda like that little rose bush (see this post about Perseverance) that I came across a couple of weeks ago.  But this was even better.

The funny thing is that several people have said to me lately that I ought to put a veggie garden in where the mobile home used to be.  Nature has kinda already started one with some volunteer plants:  Tomatoes.  There are about 8 or ten tomato plants getting a good strong start.

Plants are called "volunteers" when they turn up where you didn't plant them.  And these tomatoes volunteered right where the sewage pipes for the trailer were disconnected.  My neighbor always used to buy "Big Boy" tomatoes from a local produce seller, so I'm willing to bet that's what kind of plants are growing. 

Yes, I am saying that these tomato seeds were.....ummm, how can I put this delicately....."predigested" as it were.  Doesn't harm the seeds any, and there's nothing wrong with the plants that grow out of poop.  That's just fertilizer.

I container garden.  Not really used to digging in the ground.  Not likely to be doing a lot of extra work out there--I've got to much to do already.   But I'm gonna see what I can do to protect these volunteers. 

Free tomatoes.
Life is good.....even on stormy days.

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