Tuesday, June 13, 2017

It Works! Homemade Microwave Potato Chips

Now we all know that the internet is chock-a-block with stuff-and-nonsense (and if we don't believe that, we really need to wise up) so, like most folks, I smile and move on when I see most hare-brained advice. 

But when I saw this headline on my dash a few minutes ago, I thought, "Why not?" 
      How to Make Homemade Potato Chips in the Microwave
After all, I bought 16 pounds of potatoes yesterday.  I figured that I could definitely give this a try.

I chose a fairly small potato and pared it.  Then I sliced it very thinly with a sharp paring knife.  (Yes, I tried using the side of a cheese grater as the article suggested but it wasn't satisfactory--maybe mine is dull.  And I have a mandolin but it's on the very top shelf of the cabinet.....it has always kinda scared me too much to actually use the thing.  I like my fingers intact, thank you very much.  Never mind, I digress.....)

I lined a microwave-safe plate with parchment paper.  (Normally I'd never buy it but my friend gave me her kitchen leftovers when she moved and that included a roll of parchment paper, not to mention that microwave-proof plate.  Very handy.)

No olive oil or any other, unfortunately.  So I melted a spoonful of that 85-cent margarine and added some Twin Tree Gardens Soul Food Seasoning (love that stuff!) to it.  Then I dipped the potato slices in the mixture to cover just the tops of them. 

Placed the slices edge to edge on the paper.  Popped the plate in the microwave for four minutes.  Checked the slices.  Gave them another 40 seconds.  Let them rest for about 30 seconds after removing them from the microwave--they were noticeably crisper after resting.

And guess what?  Perfect! (although I could have gone a little easier on the seasoning because it's really salty).

Try this.  Seriously.
I'm sure gonna make these again! 
Life is good.

.....bowl is empty.

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