Friday, August 21, 2015

3/4 of an inch may not seem like much but it can make the world of difference.  

3/4 of an inch means that an ordinary plastic gallon milk jug will NOT fit in my little refrigerator.  (As I've mentioned here earlier, I sold my "normal" refrigerator and now I have a dorm size fridge in my house.)

Well, I can actually cram a plastic milk jug in there but the lid mashes up against the bottom of the freezer and that somehow ends up re-setting the temperature control.....that means that either the freezer defrosts and leaks water all over the floor or that everything in the fridge freezes rock solid.  Really annoying.

After several unnecessary clean-ups and throw-aways, I knew I had to do things differently because I dislike waste.

The solution had to be:

1.  re-usable
2.  easy to wash
3.  very inexpensive.

When I spied a case of six half-gallon jars on sale for about $11 at my local grocery, I knew that a solution was at hand.  

Since I keep a tape measure in my purse, I was bold enough to measure those jars for height right there in the store.  (As I recall, the guy who was stocking shelves on that aisle found my measuring tape antics really amusing.)

The half-gallon jars were just right!  I've been using them for several months now without any problems.  They make better use of the limited space area as well as being shorter than the plastic jugs.  And I've noticed one more extra unexpected added benefit:  the glass keeps the milk extra-cold.  

(Please note:  I would not advise this solution for a person with small children or for anyone who has problems with their hands.  The glass can be difficult to grip when cold, and the wide mouth of the jar can make for spills if you're not careful.)


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