Monday, October 5, 2015

Baseball season is over; the last scores were posted today.  Yes, I know that the World Series hasn't been played yet.  I'm talking about Fantasy Baseball.  And I really had so much fun this year.  

Perhaps part of the fun is that this is a totally anachronistic endeavor.

I can't play baseball.  
I don't watch baseball (haven't got TV service).  
I know next to nothing about baseball.  
I'm an old cat lady who likes lace doilies, for Pete's sake.  
And I play with a league based in the United Kingdom (what?).  

Nonsense.  It just doesn't make sense.  None of it.  

But I've played with them for 12 years (maybe 13), and I wouldn't miss a season!  My team is the Pearl River Panthers, and my colors are yellow and black.  (Ridiculous, I don't even own anything black because it's not cheerful.)  

Every day during the season I jot down my scores in a notebook, and every week I make sure to pay attention to when my pitchers are on the mound.  I sometimes scribble notes on trades or injuries.  I spend 10 or 15 minutes every day on my team, and the notebook never leaves my desk until the season is done.  I finished my 2015 notebook this morning, and tore out the last few empty pages out to seal the deal.  

The season is over.  

I'm gonna miss my Panthers.  And I'll be waiting until April when I can play again.

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