Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Grumble.....grumble.....grumble.....This morning I had a plan.  But I'm bad at plans.  Things just never seem to go the way I intend them to do.  So I wasn't exactly surprised when my plan to spend the day catching up on the laundry and sorting through the box trove on the back porch went straight to perdition.  

It was good news really because eBay gave me some extra free listings; that's always nice and it saves money.....but only if I actually get off my duff and list like a crazy person every spare moment I've got.  Usually I've got some items prepared, pictures taken, descriptions ready, something.  This morning, pretty much nothing.  I've got stuff to list; it's just not ready.  I wasn't ready.  Crumbs!

So I spent time with arguing with the cameras (taking pictures of all-white stuff is hard!) and then I grimly parked myself at the keyboard and got busy.....but I was still kinda grumbling about the laundry, so it was a relief when it was time to unchain myself from the computer and leave the house to make my daily Post Office run.  

Doesn't matter where I talk to God; the important thing is doing it, and the dollar store works just as well as anyplace else so I decided to stop there on the way home to walk around  for a few minutes to clear my head.  I was praying for wisdom on what I needed to do.  That's when I found myself standing right in front of a big mug with a wise old owl on it.  Trust God to have a sense of humor.  He seems to get my attention that way a lot.

And I thought about what was going on in my small world today:  
--the PO clerk who greeted me by saying how glad she was to see me and who really meant it.
--the checker at the Dollar Store who said she'd been thinking about me and wanted my advice about selling on eBay.
--a church friend who was worried about making a long drive alone and asked if she could text me when she got there so that she would know someone cared.
--a neighbor who was worried about a package arriving on time and wanted me to pick up her mail while she's out of town.
--another neighbor who shared a laugh because her cat seems to have decided he likes living in my yard better than being home.

People.  They're what is important.  Not stuff.  Not circumstances.  People.  They deserve care and attention.  And maybe I need to remember that I'm one of those people, too.  

So I'm gonna take the time to start that laundry.....after I have cappuccino in my new owl mug.  

Sometimes the price of wisdom is two bucks at the dollar store.

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