Monday, December 21, 2015

Crystallized Ginger

A small act of Christmas insanity.....

Well, it is undoubtedly a little odd (at least as far as folks here in South Mississippi might be concerned), and I'm choosing to blame it on Christmas.  So there.

I love crystallized ginger but it's rarely sold here, and then only at the Christmas holidays.  For the past two years there has been no ginger!  I checked every grocery, and I requested it.  But no joy.  

The other day I found three containers of crystallized ginger at a store where I rarely shop, and I was over the over the moon that I unintentionally hassled the store manager for the price while the poor man was off duty and trying to do his own shopping.  Very bad of me--apologies, Mr. Manager.  The price of the ginger, while higher than I might have wished, was affordable so I bought all three containers.

Seriously, if you offered me a year's supply of dark chocolate or a weeks's worth of ginger, the ginger would win hands down.  It's lovely stuff.   I'm going to put it into a better container and hide it away in the corner of the pantry.  And, no, sorry, I will NOT share.  It's mine!  All mine!

.....I wonder if any of the other stores has some.  Yes, greed has set in.  Teehee!

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