Monday, December 21, 2015

Flowers for Christmas

Just found a Happy:  
My Christmas cactus decided to bloom this morning!

The cactus lives in my spare room (it's where I store eBay stock and take pictures), so I wasn't entirely paying attention to the plant except for watering.  It made for a happy little moment this morning when I discovered the flowers had opened overnight.

One of the really brilliant things about Not-Much Decorating this year is that I'm enjoying the little stuff a lot more.  I bought this plant on clearance last year; not many people want them when they're not in bloom so they're often on sale afterward.  Since I hadn't seen it blooming before,  I was surprised and pleased when I saw the wonderful orangey-red color it turns out to be; somehow I'd thought it might be pink..  Anyway, it's easy enough to maintain a Christmas cactus and to encourage it to bloom again the next year.  

Maybe I'll find another this year on clearance; there's always room for another Happy.

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