Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Garden Party

Yesterday I stopped at the dollar store on my way home from the Post Office, and I frivolled--well, that's what my mother used to call it when I engaged in this sort of activity.  

I bought 2 wind chimes as a gift for the Garden; one has a little gold-color dragonfly with a gentle tinkling chime (kinda cute), the other is a blue jay on a bouncy spring with a bell (really very silly).  I got some dollar store garden seeds which, as I've learned in the past, may or may not grow; I've always had good success with their English peas, though.  

And, very importantly, I got a new Garden diary because this is a fresh start.  It's just a brightly colored little notebook but on the front it has an apt quote from Aristotle:  In all things of nature there is something marvelous.

When I got home, the Garden and I had our own little party.  The Garden isn't ready to be fed yet so I had all the party food:  an  oreo ice cream bar because.....well, you know.....the outside of it looks kinda like dirt.  (Symbolism is important at these moments.)  Then I put the gold windchime at the front of the Garden and the blue bell at the rear--that's good luck coming and going!

The Garden doesn't know it yet but I also bought some herb seeds and some heirloom seeds on eBay.  Lemon basil.  Cress.  Round zucchini.  Parisian carrots (even though I've never grown a carrot of any sort before).

It may only be January but it's not too early to begin wakening hope for the Garden.

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